Motorcycle collided head-on with cyclist: serious accident at triathlon championships in Hamburg

Status: 04.06.2023 09:50 a.m

There was a serious accident at the triathlon championships in Hamburg. A motorcycle collided head-on with a cyclist.

There were probably three serious injuries. The narrow route with some construction sites in the city and the high number of motorcyclists is problematic.

Only nine athletes were able to continue the race as usual. All other participants had to pause behind the scene of the accident. After the accident, the race was about to be stopped. A shortening of the race was then considered. The field is now completely torn apart.

Drivers have to get off their bikes

On the second lap of the cycle race, the riders will soon have to pass the scene of the accident, which has not yet been completely cleared. There, all drivers have to dismount in front of the accident site, push the bike through the accident site and then get back on. It is not known whether all drivers know this at all.

What effects all this will have on the drivers and the overall classification is also not certain. Jan Frodeno is also there. At his first Ironman race in almost two years, the Olympic champion and world record holder bids farewell to the German audience in Hamburg.