Morrissey has confirmed in an interview that he has already written the follow-up to his upcoming album BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS and will start recording soon.

    It is not yet clear when the work will be released – according to the musician, the successor to the 2020 album I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN ​​will be released first.

    That’s how the second album announcement came about

    As part of his show at the London Palladium, the musician recorded the first filmed interview since 2015 with director Sam Esty Rayner. When asked if the artist was working on anything else besides the previously announced record, Morrissey replied: “We’ve written the follow-up album and it’s going to be recorded soon, but it won’t be released yet because BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS needs to have the chance , to breathe and such. But it will be included soon.”

    The full interview is here:

    “Diversity is just another word for conformity”

    Elsewhere in the conversation, Morrissey opened up about his dislike for the word “diversity”. He called the pressure on artists to succeed with record labels “anemic,” adding that they “get rid of you if you say something they don’t agree with.” He continued, “Now it’s like, ‘Oh, we need to have diversity.’ For me, ‘diversity’ describes people you don’t know. It’s just another word for conformity, it’s the new way of saying conformity (…).”

    He added that people don’t think about “the great things that we don’t have in common” and that the populace would now want everything to be “the same”. “It doesn’t mean ‘avant-garde’ or ‘really interesting, weird art.’ It means putting everyone in a box. I think diversity is a terrible word. If you attach it to something, then that’s it.”

    The musician went on to talk about social media giving users the power to “rate everything and destroy people,” citing author Germaine Greer and JK Rowling as examples, both of whom have been criticized for their transphobic views. “We all band together and try to get rid of these people and keep ranting about how dangerous they are. It’s quite deadly, and I believe there will be a way to control them eventually, but no one knows how yet.”

    Last Saturday (November 26th) the musician released the first single from BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS with “Rebels Without Applause”. His new work was originally announced for February 2023, but earlier this month Morrissey revealed that the release would be delayed: “The fate is entirely in the hands of Capitol Records (…).”

    Listen to “Rebels Without Applause” here: