Monique Westenberg denounces Rutger Castricum: ‘A simple soul’

Monique Westenberg, the flashing fiancé of André Hazes jr., finds it very bad that Rutger Castricum questions the paternity of Jandino Asporaat. “Simple sole!”


Jandino Asporaat is currently in the news for questioning the moon landing and the events of 9/11. It was discussed on Tuesday evening in the talk show HLF8, where Rutger Castricum, among others, sat at the table. “I think this man also has children. I worry about that a lot more actually,” he noted.

Jandino angry

Rutger’s comment angers Jandino. He finds it “unacceptable and extremely dangerous” that the education of his children is questioned. “It goes beyond all limits if you (…) can only shout ‘he’s crazy’, and if that doesn’t really work, remember: throw his children into the discussion. And everyone at the table laughs?”

It’s disgusting, says the comedian. “So if canceling doesn’t work, calling it crazy and dangerous doesn’t stick either, then question his upbringing/children? If we can go too far after someone else’s opinion and lower ourselves to such dirty tricks, then we miss the essence of free speech,” he writes. Instagram.

Simple sole

Monique Westenberg, the flashing fiancé of André Hazes jr., jumps into the breach for Jandino. She thinks that Rutger has gone way too far. “You are not accountable! They are simple souls. People who are happy inside and who feel love can never speak badly of another. That says enough!”, let them know.

One Karen thinks Monique says that very well. “Exactly so it is. Only people who are unhappy with themselves deliberately hurt another and try to hurt with nasty words. So basically they are pathetic… Wish them strength and love.”

Other celebrities

There are still a number of celebrities who support Jandino, including Tim Douwsma. He says: “No words for it. I was taken off programs, playlists, record deal was cancelled. But get your kids involved… Wajoo.”

Comedian Roué Verveer: “Bro, you are not accountable to anyone for what kind of father you are. The people who need to know know exactly what kind of father you are. F*ck all the other people.”

And Charly Luske: “Whether you agree with each other does not matter. Everyone is guessing something during this crazy time. So judging is not smart anyway. Deep respect for how calm you stay, I couldn’t, (unfortunately ?).”