Jani Nyman has hit three sacks in two games. Friday night’s hit clinched his first career home win.

    Jani Nyman celebrated Ilves’ second goal on Friday. PDO

    The most talked about situation in Tampere’s puck condition happened in the third period, when Ilves’ pack Otto Latvala shot the puck in Tappara’s defense area into the gutter.

    – I saw that the pack throws a puck in the gutter. I was surprised when the puck was not visible on the other side. At the same time, I turned and saw that the puck was in front of our man. It was easy to put in the first one, describes Ilves Jani Nyman.

    He hit the nail in Tappara’s coffin and was about to decide the first men’s local game of his career. Ilves defeated the axebreasts 3–0 (0–0, 1–0, 2–0).

    – An absolutely incredible feeling when the puck bounced into the goal. And the audience is incredible as the crowd screams, jumps and cheers for us.

    Before the match, Nyman was admired by more than 11,000 spectators.

    – For a moment, I watched that huhhuh, there are a lot of people. He forgot about it and focused on his own playing.

    Itchy in the sensitive

    Nyman has scored three goals in two matches. On Wednesday in Pori, the net was stretched when he inked with superiority Leo Löofin from the passport.

    – Ranne is my best shot from its position, but if you can shoot a one-timer, it’s my best shot.

    The second hit in Satakunta’s evening was the game-deciding hard kick with a classic palm-knuckle trick.

    – I decided that I would do such a tough job. Fortunately, the goalkeeper went to it, so I could put it in. I have two or three variations on the tough ones that I can do. I’ll see how the veskar reacts.

    Nyman had the best shots in Friday’s match with seven shots.

    – It’s the biggest strength in my game, so I try to make use of it.

    The skating of the 18-year-old winger has improved since last season, although the puck player cannot be described as a rocket.

    – If you are not behind all the time, you can struggle. A lot of work has been done for skating. It has moved on and hopefully it will move on a lot more.