The Rossoneri club had just bought the promising 18-year-old right-back from Roma. He was released from the hospital today

    The problem is serious and is keeping the whole Rossoneri world (in addition to the Roma one) in apprehension, also because it concerns a boy of just 18 years. It had to be the summer of the great adventure for Leonardo D’Alessio, right-back that Milan snatched from Roma a few weeks ago. With the initial destination of the Abbot’s Spring, and then who knows. But bad luck got in the way. The Rossoneri club has entrusted the incident with a press release: “AC Milan announces that last week the Primavera player Leonardo D’Alessio had a serious, as well as exceptional, eye problem that required hospitalization at the San Raffaele Hospital. from Milan for further information and the necessary treatment. Leonardo is now well and today he was discharged. Before returning to sporting activity he will have to follow a six-month convalescence period. Come on Leonardo, his teammates, the staff and the whole Club are waiting for you! “. A punch in the stomach.

    Twins … separated

    D’Alessio had been strongly desired by Massara, brought to Milanello with the collaboration of Maldini. Right-back who grew up first in Atletico Duemila and then in the youth sector of Roma, he signed for four years, while the compensation paid to the Friedkin is five hundred thousand euros which, with the bonuses, he can also double. Roma kept a percentage on future resale. For D’Alessio, leaving Rome and Roma was not an easy decision because his twin Francesco, half-winger, plays in the Giallorossi club. Together they became Italian champions with the Under 15 and Under 17, and together they dreamed of the Spring-First team jump. Leonardo, however, was closed by Missori and thus the decision to move to Milan arose. In the last year, with Scurto’s Under 18 team, his growth has been exponential: 29 appearances out of 31, one day of disqualification, and the last of the regular season skipped to go to the Spring. Now he has this great test ahead of him: Milan is gathering around him.