Architect Mihre Mutlu and actress İbrahim Çelikkol, who got married in 2017, ended their marriage last month. Mihre Mutlu went on vacation with her girlfriends after her divorce.

    Mihre Mutlu, who joined her life with İbrahim Çelikkol in 2017, took their son Ali in her arms in 2019. However, this marriage ended on May 11, 2022. Mihre Mutlu, who divorced in a single session, is keeping her morale on holiday after the separation.


    According to the news in Posta; Mihre Mutlu was spotted on a beach the previous day while she was on vacation in İzmir Çeşme with a group of girlfriends, including Sibil Çetinkaya, Eliz Fındık, Narod Çetinkaya and Neşem Erinç.