THEthe theme on menstrual leave is becoming increasingly pressing, especially since the procedure was activated a few weeks ago, for the first time in Italyfrom the Nervi-Severini art high school in Ravenna.

    Vulvodynia: what is vulvar pain and how to treat it

    Menstrual leave, teenagers together for women’s rights

    Hence the proposal of the boys of the Lazio High School Students Networkwho ask that all schools allow those suffering from ailments and pain associated with their periods to be able to take advantage of two days of absence per month.

    In other words, given that institutions and companies are not so eager to carry on this (and many other) battles for women’s rights, teenagers do it.

    Since institutions and companies are not so eager to carry on this (and many other) battles for women’s rights, it is teenagers who do it. (Getty Images)

    Activated for the first time in Italy

    But how does menstrual leave work at the Nervi high school in Ravenna? Basically, to those who have menstruation causing severe painor ailments such as vulvodynia, endometriosis or dysmenorrhea (certified by the doctor), you are allowed to be able to be absent two days a monthwithout absences being counted at the end of the year.

    This is because in the school regulations, in order to proceed to the following year or to the final exam, students must attend at least three quarters of the annual timetable. In this way, those suffering from period-related pathologies will not be damaged by absences, risking possible failures.

    Menstrual leave, what happens in our country

    The bill to regulate menstrual leave has been under discussion since 2016presented and carried out by four MPs of the Democratic Party who are the deputies Romina Mura, Daniela Sbrollini, Maria Iacono and Simonetta Rubinato.

    From their data presented to the Chamber, it would appear that 60 to 90% of women suffer during the menstrual cycle and that it is a disorder that leads to absenteeism from 13 to 51% at school and from 5 to 15% at work.

    The bill proposed and not passedprovided for three days of absence per month during the cycle, presenting a medical certificate, continuing to receive 100% of the daily wage.

    What happens in the world

    In Europe only Spain who passed a law in this regard and in fact is the first European country to intervene on menstrual leave. No other state has a similar law.

    Where, however, they are at the forefront of this issue, is in Asia. From Japanthe first state in the world to introduce menstrual leave, even in 1947. Soon after, it was the South Korea (1953) to predict it.

    Also in Indonesia and Taiwan menstrual leave laws were passed as well as in China. Zambia, instead, in 2017 it introduced the so-called Mother’s Day, the day of rest for women who have a menstrual cycle.