THEThe Government has decided to continue the so-called social bonus bills also in 2023. The bills in fact, they continue to put millions of Italian consumers under pressure. The energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine it has not yet been overcome and even for this beginning of 2023 prices, even if they have fallen, have not yet returned to pre-conflict values.

    2023 bill bonus extended

    Here is the news of social bonus billsthat is the discount on electricity and gas for families in difficulty which also extends to the water bill.

    The contribution was extended by the Maneuver and will, moreover, be addressed to a wider audience of beneficiaries. The roof placed at the Isee, in fact, will be raised again and this time it will reach up to 15 thousand euros.

    The Government has decided to extend the social bill bonus, i.e. the discount on electricity and gas for families in difficulty. (Getty Images)

    The audience of beneficiaries is expanding

    In fact, already in 2022 there had been a rise that had brought the ceiling starting from 8,625 euros to 12,000. That of 2023 goes further from 12 to 15 thousand euros. The Isee roof it can even reach up to 20,000 eurosbut this it is dedicated only to those who have 4 or more dependent children.

    How much is the bill bonus worth?

    the area, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environmentestablishes the value of the relief. The data is updated by 31 December of the previous year e on the Authority’s website it is possible to calculate the amount of the bonus gas by municipality, type of gas use and number of family members.

    To verify, however, how much they amount the electricity, gas and water social bonusesyou can consult theto section of the Arera website with periodically updated data.

    How to get it: the requirements

    They are also specified on the institution’s website the requirements necessary to obtain the bonus. Let’s see what they are. The bonus will be paid to the holder of the electricity and/or natural gas and/or water supply contract The tariff must refer to domestic uses and therefore to the supply that must serve rooms used for family homes.

    Everything is fine household is entitled to only one bonus per typewhether it is electricity, gas, water, for the year of competence of the Single Substitute Declaration (Dsu), necessary to present the ISEE (so-called “unique constraint”)

    How to request it

    You don’t need to submit any request to access the bonus. You automatically receive the discount on your bill if you meet the requirements.