Three men were arrested on Sunday night after they tried to steal the statue of the parade girl from the Markt in Zundert.

    People who had seen the men at work alerted the police around a quarter past eleven in the evening. When he arrived, the suspects had already left. The statue, which normally stands on a concrete plinth, had fallen over and been damaged by the men’s work.

    Run off like a hare
    Some time later, one of Zundert’s local police officers, who was on duty with a youth police officer, saw a vehicle driving in Etten-Leur that matched the vehicle that the witnesses had seen at the statue in Zundert.

    The driver of this vehicle took off like a hare. When it finally stopped, the occupants fled on foot. The officers managed to track down two of them. They have been detained in the detention center in Breda.

    Later in the night, officers saw the van driving again. After checking it turned out to be driven by the third suspect. He was driving under the influence of narcotics. After blood tests at the police station, he was also detained on suspicion of involvement in the attempt to steal the statue.