The MELT Festival is entering its 26th round and will take place from June 8th to 11th, 2023 on the Ferropolis peninsula near Gräfenhainichen. The festival has existed since 1997 and has been held annually in the “City of Iron” since 1999.

    The festival will carry over the concept from last year and tell different stories staged through music and stage design. A range of artists will perform across genres such as indie, pop, house, rap, techno and more. “With our first line-up announcement, we would like to show the full range and diversity of MELT. Whether electronic live act, German newcomers of different genres, techno and house legends, Gen Z icons or even international high-flyers: They all have their rightful place in the MELT cosmos. We are very pleased that we can already give a foretaste of the more than 150 acts of the MELT 2023 today,” says the director of the festival, Florian Czok.

    The line-up consists of more than 150 artists, the first of which are now known. Among others, Boys Noize, beabadobee, Sevdaliza, Pa Salieu, Edwin Rosen, EKKSTACY, Ski Aggu, Solomun as well as Viko63 & penglord will be there. An overview of all musicians known so far has been shared on Instagram and is on their home page, where the artists are each introduced with a short text. There is also tickets to buy, which are already in the second wave, since the first is sold out. A “Weekend Ticket” costs 169.95 euros, including a 10-euro garbage deposit. The “Weekend-Ticket 4 Friends” costs 164.95 euros per card and a total of 659.80 euros and a “Camping-Plus-Ticket” is available for 259.95 euros.

    In addition, there is already a playlist on Spotify that gives a first impression of the line-up. You can hear them here: