The F1 champion has had enough of what he thinks is bullshit.

    Max Verstappen commented on the uproar at the end of the Brazilian GP. The speech was fiery and straightforward.

    The Dutch driver said at the press conference of the Abu Dhabi GP on Thursday that the action against the team’s order was not about keeping his own ranking bullish.

    The situation was reported in the world as revenge For Sergio Perez. Verstappen himself explained his actions with poor communication with Red Bull.

    – It was about something that happened earlier this season. I already explained it to Red Bull in Mexico. Talli understood and agreed. I thought that in Brazil we will compete and seek the best possible result.

    – We had communication problems on Saturday and Sunday. I was not told anything about a possible exchange of car investments. The information came on the radio only in the last round. Talli should have known my reaction based on what I said the week before.

    Media criticism

    Max Verstappen studied the media in Abu Dhabi. PDO

    Verstappen said that he received angry comments on social media after the events of the Brazilian GP. In its press release, Red Bull also condemned the offensive behavior on the internet.

    – People attacked my family. They threatened my sister, my mother, my girlfriend, my father. It went too far. People didn’t even know the facts. This has to stop.

    – It’s okay if you don’t like me, but I can’t accept attacking my family.

    The two-time world champion also regretted that he looked “bad” in the media. Verstappen was surprised by the way the press has written about him since the incident.

    – It’s very disappointing that people who don’t know all the facts write so much nonsense right away. After all, it’s because of your writings that people behave so badly on social media, Verstappen sneers.

    As a follow-up question, Verstappen was asked why he himself did not cut the wings of the rumors when speaking to the press after the Brazilian GP. The Red Bull star behaved very differently then than he does now in Abu Dhabi.

    – We consider it a matter between me and my team. You don’t know the whole truth. So you don’t have to write about it, said Verstappen.

    As the press conference continued, Verstappen let his words sway even more.

    – I’m full up to my throat and tired of this shit. Whenever something negative happens, the media highlights it. I think it’s pretty sick to be part of that, even though you haven’t done anything wrong.

    Verstappen assures that the uproar in Brazil has now been dealt with.

    – We left it behind, everything is resolved. In retrospect, we should have talked earlier because I don’t want to be a bad teammate. I’ve always been helpful, and the team knows it.

    – We learned from this that we need to communicate better. I have a good relationship with Checo.