In 2022, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is especially popular with the elderly. He hardly attracts any more young viewers, which the advertisers are so interested in. That is the view of viewing figure expert Tina Nijkamp.


    Tina Nijkamp, ​​the most important viewing figures analyst in our country, portrays Matthijs van Nieuwkerk as a kind of magnet for the elderly. The former channel boss of SBS 6 points out that he barely makes a dent in a pack of butter in the commercial target group, people between 20 and 54 years old with his program Matthijs goes door.

    Gray viewers

    For years, Matthijs was one of the biggest crowd pullers of the public broadcaster, but nowadays that is quite disappointing. Yesterday, on Saturday evening, he got stuck with Matthijs Goes at 797 thousand viewers (18 percent market share). He was admittedly the winner at half past nine, but mainly because of crowds of elderly viewers.

    Tina reports: “Even Yvon Jaspers in the eve has just more viewers, namely 807 thousand. ah. The similarity is that they score very old; both score below ten percent in 20 to 54 years, 9.5 and 9.4, and thus both cause a dip at NPO 1.”

    Infantile wins

    At half past nine, SBS 6 offered the most viewed alternative to Matthijs with De Alleskunner VIPS. 757 thousand people (18 percent) watched it. “But it’s the big winner in 20 to 54 years at 25.9 percent. That program is also the winner of all-day prime time in that target audience.”

    The bronze at half past nine is for De 1 Percent Quiz on RTL 4, where 642 thousand people (16 percent) watched. “With a nice 21 percent in 20 to 54 years.”

    I’m leaving takes a million

    The only prime-time program that captivated more than a million viewers was Ik Vertrek XL with 1.2 million viewers (24 percent) at half past eight on NPO 1. In contrast, SBS 6’s Ik Hou Van Holland attracted 831 thousand viewers (18 percent) and RTL 4’s Lego Masters 636 thousand viewers (13 percent).

    How do these shows score in the target group? Ik Hou Van Holland wins with more than 23 percent, Lego Masters takes silver with almost 21 percent and Ik Departures bronze with more than 18 percent.

    Viewing figures

    The viewing figures of Saturday October 1, 2022 (SKO):

    Top 15

    Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

    01. News 20:00 (NPO1) 1,613,00001. NPO1 / 24.7%
    02. I Depart XL (NPO1) 1.179.00002. RTL4 / 16.3%
    03. Studio Sport Eredivisie (NPO1) 1,102,00003. SBS6/14.6%
    04. Half past seven news (RTL4) 929.00004. NPO2 / 7.1%
    05. News 18:00 (NPO1) 893,00005. ESPN / 4.5%
    06. I Love Holland (SBS6) 831.00006. RTL5 / 3.9%
    07. Our Farm and now itself (NPO1) 807,00007. NPO3 / 3.8%
    08. Matthijs continues (NPO1) 797,00008. RTL8 / 2.5%
    09. EenVandaag (NPO1) 778,00009.NET5/ 2.4%
    10. The All-rounder VIPS (SBS6) 767,00010. RTL7 / 2.1%
    11. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 723,00011. Vero / 1.7%
    12. The 1 Percent Quiz (RTL4) 642.00012.ESPN3 / 1.1%
    13. Lego Masters (RTL4) 636,00013. Comedy / 1.0%
    14. Edition NL (RTL4) 607,00014. Ziggo / 1.0%
    15. Nieuwsuur (NPO2) 594.00015. Paramount / 0.7%

    Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

    More viewing figures at:

    01. Public Broadcasting 35.6%
    02. RTL Netherlands 25.5%
    03. Talpa TV 19.2%

    Programs that did not make the top 15 include Dwars door België (572 thousand), Hart van Nederland (562 thousand), Shownieuws (431 thousand), Humberto on Saturday (403 thousand) and Lachen om home videos (388 thousand).