A previously known resident from the public arrives in the Big Brother house.

    Big Brother is hosted this season by Janni Hussi (left), Anni Ihamäki and Sami Kuronen. Four

    Sunday’s Big Brother broadcast will have a surprising twist when a celebrity resident enters the house. Known as a wrestler Petra Olli arrives to coach the contestants of the BB house.

    The former competitive athlete stays in the house for two nights. His task is to train the residents for next week’s physical and mental challenges.

    The residents find out that Olli is only visiting the house and will leave on Tuesday. During his visit, the celebrity resident lives in the master’s room, where other residents are not allowed to enter.

    Petra Olli arrives to coach BB residents. Four

    It is not the first time that Olli is in the BB house. He won the celebrity production season in spring 2021.

    – Now this might not compare to a career and a life’s work, but it was a tough journey and a tough experience, Petra commented on her victory to Iltalehti in the spring of 2021.

    Today, Olli steps into the BB house live. In addition to this, one resident will be evicted again. They are in the eviction vote this week Nabaz, Mathias, Salla and Whereby.

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