Frits Barend has no feelings of compassion for Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, despite the fact that the gentlemen have a friendly relationship. Well, had. “Hide in a deep cave!”

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    As a former talk show host, Frits Barend leaves no stone unturned from Matthijs van Nieuwkerk after the revelations about his misconduct at De Wereld Draait Door. He thinks it’s a shame how he behaved towards former editors. Last night he did not make a murder pit of his heart in the talk show HLF8.


    Frits is disgusted by Matthijs. “I think it’s a really terrible affair and it’s getting worse. I have seen Matthijs in my football team. We formed the center of the defense for fifteen years and then it was even a very shy boy. I sometimes had to say: God damn it, do something asshole, so to speak.”

    He continues: “I don’t recognize him like that. I don’t recognize him like that, but when I read it all, I think: what happened to you Matthijs? What I read is disgusting and I have never seen him like this.”

    Not called

    Frits is quite outspoken on television. Did he personally say this to Matthijs? “I haven’t called him yet, no. When you call he never answers the phone, because he will call you back, but I did not call him. I am also very conflicted, because I do not know him that way.”

    He doesn’t feel like calling either. “Yes, then I have to play the moralist like: ‘Why did you do that?’, etc., but he has enough on his mind already.”

    Deep cave

    André van Duin questions the Volkskrant’s investigation, but Frits does not care about that. “It is incomprehensible what he has done and that Volkskrant story has been double checked.”

    Does Frits have any advice for Matthijs? “If I were him, I would sit in a very deep cave for a few years.”