The singer known for his 80s super hits has died.

    Irene Cara became famous in the 80s. PDO

    Vocalist Irene Cara has died at the age of 63. He is known for his legendary songs Fame and Flashdance…what a feeling. The star’s manager tells the news of the death on Twitter.

    – His cause of death is currently unknown and will be announced as soon as the information is available, writes Judith A. Moose.

    – Irene’s family requests privacy to process their grief. She was a beautiful soul whose legacy lives on forever through music and movies.

    Irene Cara rose to prominence in the 80s after singing Fame-the title song of the musical. He has won a Grammy and an Oscar in his career Flashdance– from the title track of the film in 1984.

    Cara also made a career as an actress and was known differently Fame-film about the role of Coco Hernandez and the role of Sparkle Williams in the film Sparkle.