Martín Caparros called the players of the Argentine National Team “mercenaries”

The journalist and writer Martin Caparros called “mercenaries” the players of the National selection on his Twitter account. “I watched Di María encourage from the bench. That is, for the players, the essence of the World Cup: once every four years the highest paid mercenaries on the planet have the luxury of being fans of the team where they play”, the journalist tweeted, regarding the injury that left angel di maria unable to play the match against Australiawhich one Argentina he emerged victorious.

Caparrós lives in Spain for several years, and from there he writes in various media such as The country – from where he comments on the World Cup through letters with his friend, who is also a writer and journalist Juan Villoro – in addition to his personal blog, “Chatter”which he opened after abandoning his columns at The New York Times, which he left in anger due to various differences with his editors. Recently, “Sarmiento”It is his last published novel.

Caparrós’s comment on Twitter did not go unnoticed. the journalist majo cricket went out to cross the writer. “Why “mercenaries”, Martín? It’s a job and they get paid. Nor do they play for another nation, to be called that. Also, what should Di Maria do: play injured or not support? Unlike the officials you supported, their salaries are not paid by taxes”, Grillo shot, alluding to “La Mesa del Hambre”, a federal council against hunger which Caparrós supported at the beginning and which was dissolved after beginning of November, after not even one of its first objectives was achieved: controlling the prices of the basic food basket.

But Caparrós followed his opinion on the Selection. “Isn’t it obvious, Majo? They do their work far from their country and their people and the clubs that form them because they earn much more there. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s the reality. And I did not support any official. I supported the most noble cause, spoiled by this government. I miss, ”Caparrós replied to Grillo.

But who picked up the glove was the television host Horace Cabak, who got into the thread and answered Caparrós. “Martin, you are working far from your country, from your people and from the media that formed you because you earn much more there. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s the reality. Does that make you a mercenary?” Cabak threw Caparrós in the face.

“You’re wrong, Horacio – or you don’t know,” Caparrós began his response. then he explained that the reason he lives in Spain is not because he earns more, since he “earns the same” as if he worked in Argentina, but because he “lives calmer, without having to put up with meaningless insults.” In addition, he stated that the work he does “does not depend on his place of residence.” “And I insist, mercenary is not an insult, it is a description”, sentenced Caparrós.

But Cabak, already in a more incisive tone, argued again: “Martin, you earn in euro/dollar and if you need them you go to the ATM and have them. If you lived here, you would have to liquidate each Euro/dollar at the official price, which is why I wanted half of it, and to dollarize that money again, you have to pay twice as much in pesos. Would you really win the same?”, the driver replied.

The final comment on the controversy was made by Caparrós: ​​“Oh, people with money who believe that the only thing that matters is money. Not me. Anywhere I earn enough to live peacefully anywhere. That’s what matters to me, not the money. And I decide for that”; concluded the journalist.

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