The Juventus footballer’s wife answered the insistent questions of her followers

    Martina, wife of Leonardo Bonucci, answered some questions from her followers. Some very intimate. Many have asked her about an alleged marriage crisis with the Juventus footballer: “I’ve had difficult months after the journey. I questioned everything, fearing I wouldn’t be able to get back to who I was before leaving. Despite this, marriage is at home it’s a serious matter and love is much more than posted photos and social declarations”.

    “So the crisis with your husband suddenly ended? Was a luxury vacation enough? Let me know that if it works, I’ll try it with my wife too”, wrote a follower. She annoys Martina’s answer: “My daughter, who is 4 years old, she certainly has more common sense than yours”. “Without your husband’s money you would be nobody,” accused another. “I continue to be nobody as far as it seems to me. Would I have married Bonucci even if he hadn’t been famous? Really when I met my husband he wasn’t famous and didn’t have a lira. Have I been attracted to other men or women in recent years? We are human, not hardcover!”. During the journey there was also a negative experience and Martina tells it like this: “Only one person. Came to talk to me about football”.