Mariko Pajalahti reacts violently to her defeat at the Farm: “I was really disappointed in myself”

Mariko Pajalahti finished third in Farmi Finland.

Mariko Pajalahti, known from the band Kwan, had to be disappointed just before the Farmi Suomen final. Competitors who were previously eliminated from the program could vote for either Mariko, Sampo Kaulanen or Janne Ahonen straight to the final.

The majority of the contestants ended up voting for Aho. Mariko and Sampo had to think against each other. The village merchant did better in the duel and thus eliminated the singer from the final.

Mariko Pajalahti and Sampo Kaulanen got into a duel. Four

The program showed how hard Mariko took her loss. He burst into tears and left the situation in a very strong emotional turmoil.

– It was good to notice that I wasn’t bitter about the loss to Sampo, but I was really disappointed in myself. It says black as a person. I’m hard on myself, that’s what I’m trying to learn to calm down. You don’t have to put yourself under such a hard pressure. But there is also the positive side, that when I set out to do something, I do it to the fullest. I’ve been full here this month, Mariko opened up to the cameras in the program.

Participating in the series was a tough experience for the singer.

– Now I’ve gotten enough of my bad feeling that I no longer think that this was a useless month. It’s been a rewarding and wonderful month, but also a physically and mentally exhausting month. The disappointment in myself, which came from losing, made me feel for a moment that I’ve been hanging around here for no reason, Mariko tapped.

Mariko’s journey at the Farm ended in bitter defeat. PDO

The singer revealed in the program that she had dreamed of meeting Sampo Kaulanen at the end of the competition. However, he didn’t stay upset about the end result.

– There is so much to learn here. Yesterday I was thinking that I will either take the money from here or take the tuition money.