Carey is washing her hands of the Christmas frenzy.

    Mariah Carey is remembered for her Christmas classic. a.o.p

    Mariah Carey’s Christmas buzz has taken a new turn. The singer denies that she tried to give herself the title “Queen of Christmas”.

    In August, for example, the BBC reported that Carey, who is known for her Christmas song, has tried to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas” for herself. The trademark application was made in March 2021, but is still being processed.

    This caused aggravation among other artists performing Christmas music. The most famous and most profitable song of Carey’s career is one she wrote herself All I Want for Christmas is You. The song was released in 1994 by her Merry Christmas from his Christmas album.

    The song has become an evergreen Christmas classic, which, however, only reached number one on the Billboard singles list for the first time in 2019. Carey has performed the song diligently in Christmas concerts throughout the years, and Carey’s own special program has been shown in the United States during Christmas, where she also performs her other Christmas songs.

    Mariah Carey was also titled the Queen of Christmas in 2021 in the British talk show Lorraine. a.o.p

    Fresh Variety– magazine, however, Carey denies that he “took” the title for himself.

    – I haven’t taken that title, but it has become a phenomenon, he says and laughs.

    – Other people have said that to me and about me.

    However, Carey does not directly prohibit the filing of a trademark application. US music media Billboard announced All I Want for Christmas is Yours for the best Christmas song of all time last year.

    Among others, singers Darlene Love and Elizabeth Chan said in their own words that they were devastated when they heard about Carey’s trademark seizure.

    David Letterman officially declared me the Queen of Christmas 29 years ago, a year before Carey released All I Want For Christmas Is YouLove wrote on Facebook in August.

    Love is known for being published in 1963 Baby Please Come Home – from his hit. Chan, on the other hand, gets a job performing only and only Christmas music.

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