Marco Borsato suddenly appeared on live television on RTL 7 last night. The channel deliberately portrayed him during AZ’s match against Gil Vicente. “Who let him in?!”

    © RTL 7

    It was quite a shock for Marco Borsato: he was taken in full view last night during AZ’s match against Portuguese club Gil Vicente. “We don’t see him very often anymore, a lot has happened: Marco Borsato. An AZ fan. That is known. So today one of the spectators,” said the football commentator.

    ‘What is he doing there?’

    Marco sat in the stands with his son Luca. They must have enjoyed the match, because it was 4-0 for the club from Alkmaar, where the singer lives again today.

    What will make the discredited Marco less cheerful are some reactions on social media. “Ah, I see that Marco Borsato is scouting some young talent,” RRT says. And Gerard angrily: “Yes dude, show Marco Borsato RTL.”

    And yet another: “Since when does AZ allow people like Marco Borsato?”

    “No problem, isn’t it?”

    Bart Ettekoven, editor-in-chief of the Weekend, does not understand what the problem is. “I don’t know why they wouldn’t let Marco Borsato into the AZ stadium. I think the best man has not yet been convicted, but it immediately went quite wild on social media,” he responds in Shownieuws.

    Marco shows himself more and more often, Bart notices. “Of course he goes out more often. He is regularly spotted in the catering life of Alkmaar, where he has of course lived again since Leontine’s divorce. Where he bought that beautiful penthouse. But he doesn’t come out very often.”

    Patty Brard angry

    Colleague Patty Brard thinks that Marco and Luca are now being tackled by some people. “I have a soft spot for Luca, you know that. I think he has really put his shoulders to the wheel to have a career of his own. He is also doing very well. If he then goes to watch a football match with his father…”

    “Guys, that father has indeed not been convicted yet and grant such a man an evening with his father! For heaven’s sake guys. Are we really going to say about this, ‘Who let them in’? I really like that.”


    There are also people on Twitter who have no problem with Marco’s presence: