P.bruised, brittle and dry, opaque. Holiday hair doesn’t look its best. Sun, salt, chlorine, wind, sand really put them to the test, weakening and weakening them. The solution is within reach of hair: one do-it-yourself mask based on natural ingredientsoften already present in the home, which help to strengthen, giving the nutrients that are missing.

    Hair masks, five do-it-yourself recipes

    1. Honey hair mask, for deeply nourished hair

    Honey comes to the rescue of dull, frizzy and brittle hair. Suitable for giving a minimum of natural lightening to the hair, this is theideal ingredient if you are looking for brightness, brilliance and above all deep nourishment.

    In a bowl they combine two tablespoons of honey, a coffee teaspoon of lemon juiceone or at most two tablespoons of warm water, which helps to mix and make the mixture softer.

    The mask is ready to be applied to the hair, strand by strand, it must be left on for 30 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. A trick: after it is no longer necessary to shampoo, you can directly switch to the conditioner.

    2. Aloe vera hair mask, hydration booster

    When it is not only the hair that needs to be hydrated but also the scalpalso tested by the sun and above all by the many styling products, thealoe vera is the ideal solution.

    Combine two tablespoons of aloe vera with two tablespoons of coconut milk and mix very well. Then, always strand by strand, the mixture is applied to the hair, leaving it on for 30 minutes. In the end, you can also rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

    Alternatively, you can combine two tablespoons of powdered coconut milk with two tablespoons of warm water.

    3. Banana hair mask, to strengthen

    If at the end of summer i hair is brittle and tends to fall outthe cause is excessive exposure to the sun without any protection, the banana mask is perfect. Softening and strengtheninga well-crushed banana is added, lumps must be avoided, to a tablespoon of vegetable oil, it can be olive, avocado, castor, argan or jojoba.

    It is applied to the hair and left on for half an hour, covering the hair with a towel, then rinsed with the help of a shampoo.

    4. Yogurt hair mask, to calm irritation

    Calms scalp irritations, closes open scales on the shaft, gives a glow effect and above all deeply hydrates: the white yogurt mask helps the hair a lot and adapts perfectly to all needs.

    Natural yogurt is combined with a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of vegetable oil (oil, avocado, jojoba) if the hair is dry; or a spoonful of aloe vera is added to the yogurt if the hair is oily and needs hydration, or three drops of essential oil of patchouli, geranium, tea tree, laurel or lavender to restructure the stem.

    It is applied on the hair and after 30 minutes of laying it is rinsed with mild shampoo.

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    5. Egg hair mask and coconut oil to repair

    Multitasking, this mask is restorative, fortifying, nourishing and luminous. Add a tablespoon of hot coconut oil and a teaspoon of honey to the yolk of the beaten egg and mix everything very well.

    It is applied strand by strand and the hair is closed in the food film which must be left on for about an hour before proceeding with the gentle shampoo.