The coach remembers his brotherly friend. And tonight Rai2 will broadcast the docu-film “The beautiful season”, that of the scudetto with Sampdoria, born from a book written by the former goal twins and other players of that team

    A friendship that lasted a lifetime, an indestructible bond on and off the pitch: this was the relationship that united the current coach Roberto Mancini and Luca Vialli, the former head of the blue delegation before the European Championships, who resigned from his position in mid-December, when he was preparing to fight the last round against an evil that this time got the upper hand. Leaving everyone a bit discouraged, because Vialli was a very transversal character, who played and won in three Italian teams and one English but who with his human qualities conquered anyone who had anything to do with him. “It’s a great loss for his family, for me, for Italian football – commented Mancini the day after the death of his brotherly friend -. It’s a difficult moment but we have to move forward”.

    A few days ago he went to see him. Had he guessed it would be the last time?

    “I was hoping for a miracle. We met, we talked and joked. He was in a good mood, as always, and this relieves you a little. I was pleased to see him serene”.

    You met in the blue youth team in Coverciano, then Sampdoria, then the paths that separate, until the couple reassembles on the eve of the European Championships and wins at Wembley. You are back to living side by side, like when you were kids. How was your relationship lately?

    “We have lived almost all of our lives together, we have always had a fraternal bond, even if we are divided in terms of football. But our friendship has remained strong, based on great respect and enormous affection”.

    In the national team Luca had set up a moment dedicated to young people, in which he transmitted the identity and responsibility of wearing the blue shirt. He has given so much to anyone who has crossed the gate at Coverciano: is this the legacy he has left to the national team?

    “Yes, and we must continue on this path. He was very good at making young people understand the value of the shirt, how to behave: he was happy to talk to them and they listened to him with great attention and admiration. They were very beautiful and important moments “.

    Vialli loved to joke and tell gags, from the one about the bus that left him stranded every game before the European Championship to the fake Golden Boot for Immobile, which was a gardener’s boot. It is a sad moment, but his smile must be remembered.

    “It is right to remember Luca like this, this was him, always joyful and cheerful, and with an out of the ordinary charisma”.

    Tonight on Rai2 to remember Vialli, the docu-film “The beautiful season” will be broadcast, born from the book he wrote with Gianluca, together with other players of “your” Sampdoria. What does this film represent for all of you?

    “It talks about the Scudetto season, but it goes far beyond football: it shows how important friendship is between people who work in the same group and how cohesion can be a driving force towards goals that are impossible on paper. There will be tears tonight too , but it’s worth it: it’s full of beautiful memories”.