Antonie A. (42) from Bergen op Zoom, who helped in October last year with the breakout attempt of Nicky S., who was convicted of murder, has been sentenced to one year in prison by the judge. Half of them are conditional.

    S. managed to reach the roof of the PI in Alphen aan den Rijn on the night of October 12 and had wanted to get over the fence with sheets knotted together. A. said he was hired to prepare a getaway car. He also helped pull the sheets over the outer fence. The escape attempt failed because S. fell.

    Specie tub murder
    S., also from Bergen op Zoom, is detained after a conviction for the so-called specie tub murder, committed in June 2019. The victim was the Belgian plumber Johan van der Heyden. His body was cut into pieces with a chainsaw and burned in a caravan yard in Steenbergen.

    The remains were thrown into a mortar tub, which was then filled with cement. That was thrown at the bottom of the Scheldt-Rhine Canal. The case is still on appeal.

    A. was addicted to heroin at the time. He also allegedly used on the day in question. He has stated that he was approached for his services, but would not say by whom. He would have been pressured and threatened.

    According to the Public Prosecution Service, little or nothing has been found of this. The Public Prosecution Service demanded a year in prison, two months of which were suspended. The judge made a slightly different assessment when determining the sentence.

    In the preliminary investigation, A. said that others were also involved in the outbreak plans, but he denied this to the judge. A. said he did not know whether there was a plan after a successful outbreak. “I had to bring the car and that was it for me.”


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