Man who beat girlfriend and frequently threatened after the end of the relationship gets community service

A 32-year-old Amsterdammer has been sentenced to 160 hours of community service for assaulting and assaulting the woman with whom he had a relationship. He was also given a four-month suspended prison sentence, but he only has to go to jail if he commits the wrongdoing again.

The assault took place on February 21 last year. He hit his then girlfriend while driving. Officers saw red spots on her face. The couple had only been living together for a few months at the time.

The woman broke off the relationship after the assault, but the 32-year-old man could not bear it. Between April last year and January of this year, he sent her and her family insulting and threatening (voice) messages via telephone, Whatsapp and internet banking.

For example, he wrote via internet banking: “Woehakelkoran my name is not […] if I don’t teach you manners […] you are wanted people are paid ibillah”. To the victim’s aunt he said in Berber in a voice message: “She really won’t escape aunty, she really gets the bullets, I swear by the Quran (keep swearing on the Quran ), I’m armed now and I’m not leaving East until I get her.”

The court speaks of ‘severe facts with which the suspect has given the victim and her family a lot of fear’. He also downplayed his behavior and failed to see that it had been wrong. The 160 hours of community service will be the verdict described as a ‘substantial unconditional sentence’.

He must continue to cooperate in treatment with the weigh house, an institution that treats, among other things, perpetrators of domestic violence. The man must also continue to report to the probation service for two years and he is not allowed to contact the victim and her family for five years.