Man (34) walks into police station and confesses to theft | 1Limburg

34-year-old Tony N., recently a suspect in the investigation into the death of Andy de Heus, has been convicted of a series of thefts. He has to grumble for eight months.

Remarkably, Tony himself made a breakthrough in most cases, by walking into a police station in August 2021 and confessing to a series of criminal offences.

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Strong criminal record
The Sittard thirty-something can boast of a considerable criminal record, which is mainly filled with thefts. A drug addiction drove him to crime several times. “Even in prison, he uses. Tony steals because he needs money for his addiction. He also stole from me once,” his mother said during a police interrogation in 2016.

Andy de Heus
Tony and his mother have been identified by the justice system as suspects in the Andy de Heus case, the man who disappeared in December 2012 and whose body was only found in 2016. For now, there is too little evidence to bring the duo to court in that case, but Tony will be heard again soon. His lawyer Sjanneke de Crom does not want to say anything about that case.

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Batteries and downspouts
When Tony walked into a police station in August and said he had stolen several cars and car parts, it caused some surprise among the officers present. The thirty-year-old confessed to eleven criminal offences. His streak started on May 8, 2019 and ended almost exactly two years later. Tony stole several cars, two catalytic converters, a trailer, batteries and downspouts.

The probation service drew up a report about Tony, which refers to an antisocial personality disorder, retardation and dependence on, among other things, cocaine and heroin. The future prospects of the Sittard resident are described as ‘gloomy’.

Mandatory treatment
However, the probation service sees opportunities with a package of conditions. After he is released, Tony has to report to the probation service at fixed times, drug tests can be taken and he is required to receive outpatient treatment. The judge also suspended him for ten months in prison. He must still be with a new slip.