Magnet fishermen retrieve weapon from Damse Vaart, possible link with Bende Van Nijvel

    The local police of Damme and Knokke-Heist received a call on Saturday from magnet fishermen that they had retrieved a weapon from the Damse Vaart. The police went to the scene to make the necessary determinations.

    “We then informed the public prosecutor’s office. They are conducting further investigations”, is the only thing the police can say about the case. It is certain that it is a weapon that was retrieved. This is also confirmed by the federal prosecutor’s office.

    “Possible Breakthrough”

    The find is certainly remarkable, since divers were still searching a part of the Damse Vaart at the end of November. If the magnet fishermen have actually found the weapon that the investigators are looking for, that is certainly a potentially major breakthrough in the Bende file.

    “But the investigation is still ongoing. It is too early to say anything meaningful about it now. Whether the find can be effectively linked to the file remains to be seen,” says Eric Van Der Sypt of the federal prosecutor’s office.

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