Mageteaux wants to limit flooding across borders

    This is an important water management project to prevent flooding in West Flanders. France and our province have worked together for years with European money. The eight-year project has now been officially opened in Dunkirk.

    Excess water at high tide and rain can be transported to the North Sea more quickly and easily. That is the essence of the Mageteaux project. Major water disasters are to be avoided via the Veurne-Dunkirk canal, a new pumping station and the Veurnsevaart. Jan Vandecavey, watercourse expert of the Province of West Flanders: “Sea level rise is partly in between, but also increasingly frequent showers, in combination with winter precipitation. That is why we have to make sure that we get that water away better.”

    The Moeren are below sea level. During heavy rainfall and high tides at sea, excess water cannot flow quickly enough from the canals and canals to the port of Nieuwpoort. That is why we have been working closely with Northern France for eight years now. Hervé Tourmente : sous-préfet Dunkirk: “It was a very important collaboration with our Belgian comrades. When we need each other we are there. In case of crises, this should help us.”

    The completed pumping station is Mageteaux’s most important achievement.