«Mi am taking the time to talk about something very personal. There are so many things to say that I would not know where to start but I hope with all my heart that you will find everything here ». Like this Madame (stage name of Francesca Calearo) introduces a very long post in which she has her say on the case of the false anti-Covid vaccinations for which she is being investigated. A very long outburst in which the Italian music star tells how and why his doubts about the vaccine and the beginning of the ongoing investigation were born for which his participation in Sanremo was also questioned. Without going into, however, specifically the fake green pass. Element on which many followers have pointed the finger.

    Madame and the Fake Vaccination Investigation

    The singer from Vicenza is being investigated because she would have got the green pass thanks to a fake anti-Covid vaccination certificate issued by Dr. Daniela Grillone Tecioiu. The tennis player Camila Giorgi is also investigated in the same investigation. The investigation is still ongoing to the point that Madame’s participation in Sanremo 2023 has raised many doubts. Amadeus himself intervened on the matter. “You are innocent until you are found guilty,” said the festival’s artistic director speaking on the programme The Flight Of RTL 102.5. «To date, Madame is competing in Sanremo, then let’s see what happens from here to the festival. I hope everything goes well, it would be a shame not to be able to hear her song in Sanremo ».

    Madame: “I have no other vaccines”

    «I was born and raised in a family that for various reasons began to doubt doctors and the measures of traditional medicine pursuing alternative research. In fact not I just didn’t get the Covid vaccine promptly, but I don’t have any other vaccines» writes the singer on Instagram. Which therefore links the decision not to get vaccinated to the positions taken by her parents, themselves victims of fear and conspiracy. “Even the medical treatments I’ve received have almost always (except in cases where chemical medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers or cortisone drugs were needed) have been natural,” she pointed out. Hence the no vax choice up to the singer’s decision to confront various doctors and experts and to a new awareness: «I know from videos, documents, debates, interviews that all my parents told me were exactly the theories supported by ignorant characters in medical matters and clearly overwhelmed by fear. Then, the investigation into the false vaccinations: Madame is being investigated.

    I continue and will continue with essential vaccinations

    The singer said on social media that she had made contact with an infectious disease doctor who referred her to the vaccination center: “I will continue and will continue to complete all those necessary for me and useful for others”. And she continued by launching an appeal to followers so that they can «trust the right people. We all fight for one reason only: to stay healthy and stay calm. Do not be afraid because fear blocks life”.

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    Comments from followers

    A long post, therefore, in which the singer told her version of the facts. But that she has not convinced the followers. Who immediately commented asking for explanations. «You have omitted everything for which you are being investigated… “hypothesis of false ideology: he would have illegally obtained the certificate of vaccination” and you don’t talk about it at all »commented a user. «Yes but that doesn’t clarify whether or not you exhibited a Fake Green Passes» wrote another. And again: «But did you get the fake green pass or not? This is what interests the police station, not the plot of a film that you have just told about which we don’t care much about». And someone points out: «You don’t need to inquire. Either you do 10 years of specialized studies or you entrust yourself to a doctor ».