luxury semi-detached house with its own garage and koi carp

There are regular special houses for sale in the municipality of Zoetermeer. From small workers’ houses to striking urban villas. For example, there is now a special semi-detached house for sale. Are you watching?

You really have to see this house in Rokkeveen-Oost. From the outside it already looks striking due to the staggered windows and the extra floor that consists almost entirely of glass. But inside it is completely special, take a look.

Nice and spacious

The garden and back of the house are a bit lower than the front. There is a difference in height in this house, which gives a very cool effect. When you enter the hall you first have to go down half a floor if you want to get to the living room. The ceiling in the living room is therefore extra high, which gives a super spacious feeling. The living room is also quite classy furnished, as if it came from a home magazine.

In the living room you have a beautiful view of the garden through the high windows. We really need to take a closer look at them.

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Photo: Funda

The garden

The garden borders the water, which is connected to the pond in the Burgemeester Hoekstrapark. The difference in height has been handled very nicely in the garden: several terraces have been built. There is also a beautiful pond with large fish – koi carp? – with a conservatory next to it. So you can always choose the very best place in this garden to enjoy.

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Photo: Funda

Also beautiful

Do you work at home? Then you can really appreciate this work / guest room. You have a beautiful view over the garden, the water and the dike with pollard willows.

If you like cooking, you will definitely be enthusiastic about this kitchen. Beautifully designed, nice and spacious, a cooking island and endless counter space. You can get a good one here dinner party host!

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Photo: Funda

Photo: Funda

Let’s talk numbers

The asking price of this property is 795,000 euros. What do you get in return? 211 square meters of living space, 128 square meters of garden space, seven rooms, two bathrooms and a garage. Would you like to live here?

The pictures

Curious what it looks like? Have a look here:

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