Filmhuis Lumière in Maastricht, together with other theaters in the country, is organizing a special benefit show for Ukrainian refugees.

    The Maastricht film theater will soon show the drama film Donbass† The story of Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa is about the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region, ‘where criminal gangs, the local army and Russian troops fight each other in the streets’.

    Spontaneous collaboration
    “This is a quick and spontaneous, national collaboration. Maybe we will do more after that”, said a spokesperson for the theater.

    All proceeds from the benefit evening will be donated to Giro 999 of the Refugee Foundation.

    Before the performance, there will be a conversation with Peter van Nunen: he is an expert on Russia and will tell about important events in the Donbas region in advance.

    Besides Lumière, theaters in, for example, Bussum, Alphen aan de Rijn and Amsterdam are also participating. The national campaign will start on March 3 and it will be Maastricht’s turn on March 12.

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