Loreen’s insider tip for Germany: send power plant to the ESC

The bitter defeat at the ESC (last place for Lord of the Lost) has not yet been fully digested, but Swedish winner Loreen already has an idea of ​​how Germany could do better next year. You might know, Loreen is even a two-time ESC winner: In 2012 she secured a place on the winner’s podium in Azerbaijan with her hit “Euphoria”.

Now the 39-year-old singer visited the radio station RPR1 in Mannheim. and Radio Rainbow. There she played a concert for a small audience, performed an acoustic version of her winning song “Tattoo” and “Euphoria”.

In the subsequent interview, the song contest winner told more about her musical preferences. In private, the Swede likes to listen to electronic music. Her favorite band is the German band Kraftwerk:

Diversity and originality are key. I’m a fan and very inspired by the German electronic band Kraftwerk. Maybe they should be sent.

With just 18 points, the German band Lord of the Lost came in 26th, making them the big losers of the evening. However, the musicians from Hamburg took their defeat calmly. Either way. Maybe we should listen to Loreen and send Kraftwerk to the finals in Sweden next year.