Last November, the Hamstra family started a crowdfunding campaign. Within three months they had the necessary 40,000 euros to buy a bus. “We immediately ordered it in January, but due to delivery problems, it only arrived this month.”

    Elly Hamstra has the condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is a connective tissue disease with many pain complaints, rapid overloads and luxations of joints. Presumably daughter Amy also has this condition. Due to premature birth, Micha has suffered autism and arrears, as a result of which his physical development is less well.

    The new bus will regularly drive to relatives in the West of the country. In 2017 Elly and Allard Hamstra moved from Hardinxveld to Emmen. “In the Randstad, a house where everything is on the ground floor is unaffordable,” explains Allard Hamstra. “That’s how we ended up in Emmen, and we don’t regret it for a second.”

    They have already completed their first journey with the new bus. “We went to grandpa and grandma,” says Elly Hamstra. “That’s the first time in a year. Previously, we sometimes went out with two cars. That’s a lot of hassle.”