Liverpool are blocked 2-2 by Fulham on their Premier League debut. But Klopp, even in the moment of taking it out on him for a performance not up to par, falls … into the old vice: that of apologies.

    The victory in Community Shield against Guardiola’s Manchester City made one thing clear: Klopp’s Liverpool are not joking and this season they want to fight to win everything, exactly as they did in the previous one (but bringing home only the FA Cup and the League Cup). But then on the other side of the field there are also the opponents and if at the debut in the Premier League a Fulham in great shape with an almost unstoppable Mitrovic happens, then there is also that the 2-2 final of Craven Cottage is almost positive. . First the new signing Darwin Nuñez and then the usual Salah, on the sixth consecutive marking on the first day, replied to the Serbian’s double.

    But is Klopp happy, despite his team having won back a game that they could also lose after all? Not too much. The German technician, from his statements made to BT Sportreported by Eurosport, does not seem happy, on the contrary, for once he points the finger directly at his own and at the attitude of the team. “We got a point from a team match that was really bad. The attitude was wrong from the start, we didn’t deserve more. The performance needs to improve a lot, we did the opposite of what we wanted to do. “. And the controversy over the 2-1 penalty kick was immediately extinguished: “The result has nothing to do with the referee”. Yet, Klopp is still Klopp.

    Therefore, even in the moment of blaming his team for a performance that is not up to par, the German falls … into the old vice: that of apologies. It has now become a classic, as evidenced by several post-match statements of when Liverpool fail to win. And this time, who’s to blame, as well as the team that didn’t do his duty? Of the field. “We tried to react after the fifteenth minute. But the grass was too dry, in such conditions it is difficult to play.” In short, a blow to the players and … one to the rest. Which triggered, needless to say, the social comments. “Here’s the first excuse of the season”, someone says. “Classic Klopp”, adds someone else. And to think that the Premier … is only at the beginning.