Live ticker Iga Świątek – Cori Gauff (French Open Women Women 2023, Quarterfinals)


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 5: 4

It looks bad. Swiatek returns well, Gauff shoots a forehand clearly too low and thus into the net. 0:40, three break and set points for the world number one!


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 5: 4

Then Gauff gets stuck on the net, 0:30. Can the 19-year-old fight back?


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 5: 4

So Gauff now has the pressure on her shoulders to have to serve against the loss of the set. Swiatek wins the first rally thanks to great footwork, gets a volley from Gauff and can even thunder the passing shot longline into the field.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 5: 4

Strong external service! Swiatek serves with a lot of speed, Gauff gets the backhand somehow, but can’t control the ball. 5: 4 after games.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 4

With a deficit of 15:30, Swiatek can surprise Gauff with a convincing backhand at the net and then easily convert the following forehand into a passing shot. A few seconds later, the favorite Pole leads 40:30 and has a cue ball.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 4

With nine winners, Swiatek has already hit a little more than Gauff (six), but some of them were on the return and not in the middle of the rally. Meanwhile, Gauff is the slightly more error-free (10:12 unforced errors) actor. Overall, however, the two are roughly on the same level.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 4

Because an aggressive return from Swiatek doesn’t work, Gauff can still get through the service game. The 4:4 draw for the American is very important, the crunch time of the first set is now beginning!


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 3

From a Polish point of view, the break would of course come at exactly the right time. Coco Gauff obviously has something against it, shoots a backhand winner down the line into Swiatek’s completely deserted forehand corner.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 3

In a tight service game, Swiatek gets the important point for a breakball at 30:30, but leaves it in the net with an inside-in return. debut.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 3

One of Swiatek’s terrific return winners somehow still falls longline into the field despite a very strong serve from Gauff.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 3

So far there hasn’t been that much variation in the gameplay of the two protagonists, both have gone to the net a few times – but not too often. But most rallies are classic duels on the baseline. Now Gauff tries it with a backhand stop, it works!


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 4: 3

A forehand return from Gauff flies against the edge of the net, Swiatek now wins her service game again.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 3

With a lot of feeling, Iga Swiatek puts a forehand volley across the field, Gauff no longer runs after it. In the following rally, the American actually frees herself from a difficult starting position and, standing quite close to the net, can chase the forehand winner longline into the field, but she places it just next to the line. 40: 0 for Swiatek.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 3

Gauff serves powerfully through the middle, Swiatek doesn’t get the ball back, advantage up. In the next rally, Swiatek actually has the better position early on, but shoots a more than feasible forehand into the net from a short distance. Gauff confirms the re-break, after games it’s balanced again.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 2

Swiatek fends off one game ball again with a return winner. For the first time in this match it is the debut.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 2

After losing two points, Gauff draws level with a service winner to 30:30. Swiatek gets stuck on the net with the longline backhand in the next rally, 40:30 for the 19-year-old.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 2

Gauff would like to take a high blow from Swiatek at risk, but places the topspin forehand volley just outside the court.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 2

But the American can thank Iga Swiatek for that! After a high defensive shot, Gauff’s opponent actually has all the freedom, can take the forehand shot from a good position in the middle and without pressure. But Swiatek wants to do it too precisely, hitting the felt ball with too much power on Coco Gauff’s forehand side behind the baseline. Re-break for Gauff!


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 1

A cross targeted backhand hits the net too short by Iga Swiatek, so Gauff has two chances for a re-break at 15:40!


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 1

Because she then makes an avoidable mistake herself, the three-time Grand Slam winner is now 0:30 behind and is under pressure in her own service game.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 1

Gauff wants to show that she also has strong returns up her sleeve and does so! An aggressive backhand winner on Swiatek’s second serve surprised the Pole somewhat.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 3: 1

This is of course frustrating for Coco Gauff! In the first few minutes she actually started this match quite well, but now she has to give up her second service game to zero. However, Swiatek has already found a really strong return game and now forces the error with a backhand after Gauff’s serve.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 2: 1

Swiatek’s second really strong return! With the forehand, she scores inside the return winner and a rally later has three break points on her side.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 2: 1

In the baseline game, however, the 22-year-old Swiatek has already been the clearly decisive player in a few rallies. She is just setting up the opponent with flat shots that are also good length, in order to then chase a backhand winner down the line.


Iga Swiatek – Cori Gauff 2: 1

15:30 so, overall, this is a good start for the challenger Gauff. She still can’t win the return game, Swiatek then scores quick points. First, after a good service, she bangs a forehand winner into the field, after a free point, a slightly warped forehand from Gauff follows. 2:1 for the favorite Pole.


Iga Swiatek 1-1 Cori Gauff

The first really strong hit of the match! After a slightly too inconsistent forehand shot into Gauff’s open backhand side, Swiatek goes to the net, but the young talent from the USA finds the perfect answer with a great backhand pass cross.


Iga Swiatek 1-1 Cori Gauff

That looked a bit uninspired. Standing at the net against a flat forehand from Gauff, Swiatek decides a little late what she wants to do and finally fails to bring a half-volley across the field. She compensates with a service winner.


Iga Swiatek 1-1 Cori Gauff

The next rally determines the number one in the world for the time being, before Gauff swings through a cross backhand and thus provokes a mistake from Swiatek. When it comes to game ball number one, the American distributes the balls well, slowly advances to the net and can build a smash winner there to make it 1-1 on the sand.


Iga Swiatek 1-0 Cori Gauff

Gauff also hits hard at first, gets two quick points for a 30-0 lead. Then Swiatek can play one of her strong returns for the first time, countering with a quick forehand through the middle. 30:15.


Iga Swiatek 1-0 Cori Gauff

And Swiatek uses the first one right away, serving up an ace with a lot of side cutting to the outside.


Iga Swiatek 0-0 Cori Gauff

After a net roll by the number one in the world, Gauff automatically advances to the net, where he can counter Swiatek’s powerful shots and finally use a backhand volley profitably. A too aggressive forehand return brings Swiatek two game balls.


Iga Swiatek 0-0 Cori Gauff

So Swiatek is already the favorite in this quarter-final match. The Pole also serves first and gets the first two points thanks to a return error and an avoidable mistake by Gauff.


fear opponent

Iga Swiatek is also impressive in a head-to-head comparison. The world number one won all six duels against Gauff. Coco Gauff has not yet been able to win a single set against Swiatek (0:12) and has to counter her feared opponent more than in previous years.


It’s about to start

Both players have already arrived at Roland Garros’ biggest stadium in the past few minutes and are warming up in these moments. With more than 25 degrees, the Parisian midday sun is already beating down on the Court Philippe-Chatrier.


Swiatek impressed

The tournament record of the big title favorite Iga Swiatek is even more impressive. In the first three rounds she won two sets 6:4, the remaining four all 6:0! After the Ukrainian Lesya Tsurenko had to give up in the round of 16 with health problems when the score was 5:1 for Swiatek in the first set, the Pole has only lost nine games in the entire tournament, compared to 41 games won. No matter how feasible her previous program was: That is an impressive record in a Grand Slam tournament – and will probably make Swiatek the favorite in every remaining match one way or another.


Easy Tournament Path

To date, Gauff and Swiatek have had an easy tournament path. Seeded players have not yet stood in the way of both. Gauff lost the first set in the first round and in the third round in her matches against Masarova and Andreeva, but she mostly won the remaining sets of the tournament without any problems. The sets 6:1 and 6:2 (three times each) ended in their favor most frequently.

1:47 p.m

Fall in love with Roland Garros

Both players have grown fond of the clay court highlight in Paris in recent years. This is not surprising for Swiatek, since she feels most comfortable on the clay courts in the world anyway. She won two of her three major titles in Roland Garros (2020 and just last year, plus the US Open also in 2022). This is a little more surprising for Coco Gauff, as she actually prefers to play on hard courts. At Grand Slam tournaments, however, she performed best in the French capital. In the other three Grand Slam tournaments she only played one quarter-final (US Open last year), in Paris it is the third after 2021 and 2022.


Haddad Maia wins

The Brazilian has just converted her second match point and surprisingly knocked out the Tunisian Ons Jabeur from the tournament, so she will be Gauff’s or Swiatek’s opponent in the semi-finals. In addition, she clears the place for the two, who then duel in a few minutes for the last free place in the semi-finals.

12:57 p.m

waiting time extended

The Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia has just equalized the set in a duel with the favored Ons Jabeur in the tie-break of the second set. So it goes into the match-decisive third set and Gauff and Swiatek have to continue to be patient – it will probably take at least three quarters of an hour. Incidentally, the winners of these two quarter-final duels are the semi-final opponents.


Last year’s final

Gauff against Swiatek in Roland Garros, is that where the bells are ringing? Rightly so, last year the US young hope Gauff and the world number one Swiatek also met at the French Open – only in the final. For Gauff it was the first Grand Slam final of her very young career, she lost it to the now three-time Grand Slam winner Swiatek. A repeat of the final was not possible this year, the draw ensures that the two previous year’s finalists meet in the quarter-finals.

12:15 p.m


Good afternoon and welcome to the final decision of the women’s quarterfinals! In the second match of the day on the Philippe-Chatrier court, Coco Gauff and Iga Swiatek face each other, the game will probably not start before 1 p.m.