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    George Russell


    George Russell overtaking

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    Yuki Tsunoda


    Pit stop by Yuki Tsunoda

    The pit lane remains popular. Yuki Tsunoda is the next driver to pit and switch to the hard. Also in it was Magnussen.

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    Alfa Romeo

    Pit stop by Guanyu Zhou

    Guanyu Zhou is the next rider to make his way to the stop. Nyck De Vries has also been to the tire change. Both return to the track on the hardest compound.

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    Verstappen controls the race

    Meanwhile, Max Verstappen controls the race at the front. He is now 4.6 seconds ahead of Sainz, who can keep Hamilton at a distance.

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    Nico Hulkenberg


    Pit stop by Nico Hulkenberg

    Nico Hülkenberg turns to his box and changes from soft to medium. The German Haas driver returns to the track in 19th place.

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    Lewis Hamilton


    Lewis Hamilton overtakes

    Lewis Hamilton passes Stroll at the start of lap eight to reclaim third place. A good two seconds are missing in the direction of Sainz.

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    George Russell


    George Russell overtaking

    George Russell will not make any friends in the audience with this maneuver. He passes Fernando Alonso and takes sixth place. The next drivers passed Hulkenberg further back.

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    Charles Leclerc


    Charles Leclerc overtaking

    Charles Leclerc is also struggling to move forward. The Ferrari driver has just passed Albon’s Williams and is now in 16th place.

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    Sergio Perez

    red bull

    Overtaking by Sergio Pérez

    Nico Hülkenberg went backwards in the last two laps. First Zhou passed him with the Alfa Romeo, now he also has to let Sergio Pérez go. The next competitor, Tsunoda, is already lurking behind him.

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    Verstappen expands

    After Max Verstappen won the start, the Dutchman now has everything under control and can continue to increase his lead towards Sainz. Lance Stroll is third after passing Hamilton in the opening stages.

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    DRS approved

    It’s the third round and DRS is approved by the race control. At least Sainz will not be able to use that. Verstappen has already pulled away 1.5 seconds.

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    Hulkenberg on the eight

    Nico Hulkenberg lost one position at the start and is now eighth in front of Zhou. He is followed by Sergio Pérez in the second Red Bull.

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    Lando Norris


    Lando Norris pit stop

    Lando Norris has to pit immediately after damaging his nose in a collision with Hamilton. The stop then doesn’t fit together perfectly and it’s far behind the field on the track.

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    Start race

    The lights are off, the race in Barcelona is on! Carlos Sainz puts pressure on the softer compound for the first few meters and sits next to Verstappen in turn 1. is it over No! Verstappen holds the lead and now has the best cards. Behind it comes a touch between Hamilton and Norris, who probably has damage.

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    It will start soon

    The first cars return to the grid. Now it won’t be long before the race starts in Barcelona.

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    Formation lap started

    The formation lap has started and Max Verstappen leads the field around the track for the last time. The majority of the field starts on the soft tire. Verstappen is on pole on the medium. Pérez and Sargeant also drive it. Leclerc is on hard.

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    How is the weather?

    The sun is currently shining on the track in Barcelona, ​​but dark clouds are piling up on the horizon. So there could be rain during the race. The air temperature is 23 degrees. The track temperature at 37 degrees.

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    Leclerc from the pit lane

    It didn’t go together at all for Charles Leclerc on Saturday. After there was a problem with his car, the Monegasque was only able to qualify in 19th place. Ferrari has now exchanged some parts, including the gearbox. So Leclec starts the race from the pit lane. Logan Sargeant will also start from the pit lane.

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    Norris problem solved

    Breathe easy at McLaren. Faces relax and the problem with the Brit’s car has been solved in time for the start.

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    Problems with Norris?

    Is there a problem with Lando Norris? Things have gotten hectic in the grid for his McLaren. In addition to a few mechanics, Jo Bauer, the FIA ​​Technical Delegate, and McLaren boss Zak Brown are also on the car.

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    Pérez outside the top ten

    Sergio Pérez has to accept another major setback in the World Championship fight. The Mexican went off the track in his first attempt at Q2 and wasn’t able to improve enough in the second run to make it into Q3. He will only start the race from eleventh place, from which it is important to make up places as quickly as possible, because he will not be able to afford to score just a few points against team-mate Verstappen.

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    Hulkenberg from seventh place

    Nico Hülkenberg completed a strong qualifying session on Saturday. The German had already shown in the 2nd practice and proved in qualifying that the good lap on Friday was not a product of chance. With a 1:13.229 he brought his Haas to seventh starting position. Next to him will be Fernando Alonso, who was unable to get the maximum out of his car after damaging the underbody in Q1.

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    Gasly with double grid penalty

    Actually, Pierre Gasly was able to qualify in fourth place, but because the Frenchman obstructed Sainz and Verstappen during the session, he earned a grid penalty of six positions, which washed him back to tenth place. The best Alpine position is held by Esteban Ocon in sixth, who forms the third row with Lance Stoll in fifth.

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    Outstanding Verstappen pole

    In a qualifying session on a drying track yesterday, Formula 1 fans saw a confident performance by World Championship leader Max Verstappen. The Dutchman set a 1:12.272 in his first attempt in Q3 and was even able to abandon the second attempt because no one could even remotely pose a threat to him. In the end, it was 0.462 seconds that Carlos Sainz was missing for first place. Lando Norris was able to surprise. The McLaren driver managed to take third place. Next to him is Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes.

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    Hello and welcome to the Formula 1 race in Barcelona. The start is at 3:00 p.m.!

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