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Hamas also says that an agreement on a ceasefire is close

Hamas says it is “close to concluding a ceasefire agreement” is in the Gaza Strip. The leader of the Islamist movement, Ismail Haniyeh, announced this today.

“The movement (Hamas, ed.) has given its answer to the Qatari brothers and the mediators. We are close to concluding a ceasefire agreementHaniyeh said, quoted in a short message on the Palestinian movement’s Telegram account.

Shortly before, the US government said it was continuing its efforts to reach an agreement on the release of Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip. “I don’t want to negotiate in public, but we think we’re getting closer,” White House spokesman John Kirby said. “We’re still working on it hour by hour.”


Palestinian Press Agency: Seventeen killed in bombardment of Gaza

According to the Palestinian news agency WAFA are in the night from Monday to Tuesday seventeen people were killed in an Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip. It concerns Palestinians who live in… Nuseirat refugee camp live, the news agency reported on Tuesday morning. The bombing is said to have taken place around midnight (local time).

‘Al Jazeera’ also reports nighttime Israeli attacks into a house Rafahin the south of the Gaza Strip, and in Jabalia, in the north. That would also be the case victims have fallen. The Israeli army did not respond to the attacks.

According to Palestinian health authorities, since the war between Hamas and Israel began last month more than 13,000 people died in the Gaza Strip.


Borrell: Palestinian State is the best way to guarantee Israel’s security

The establishing a Palestinian state is the best way to guarantee Israel’s securitysaid EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell Monday after a meeting with the 27 European foreign ministers.

Borrell insisted that Israel would not occupy Gaza after the end of the conflict and that control of the area would be transferred to the Palestinian Authority. “Despite the enormous challenges, we must continue our thinking on the stabilization of Gaza and the… future Palestinian state” he emphasized.

On short-term there is one in the region “sense of urgency” over the desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza, it still sounded. “The UN Security Council resolution calling for immediate humanitarian pauses is an important step forward, but we must ensure its swift implementation,” the EU official said.

The American president Joe Biden had also declared on October 18 that the war between Israel and Hamas is “determination” for a two-state solution had strengthened.


Hundreds of patients evacuated from Indonesian hospital in Gaza Strip

From the Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip is Monday one hundreds of patients evacuated with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This was announced by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in the area.

The hospital was the target of an Israeli airstrike on Monday morning. According to the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip twelve dead and dozens injured have fallen.

“There are still some left 500 patients left in the hospital and we are working with the ICRC to address them evacuate to the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis (in the south of the Gaza Strip, ed.),” said spokesman Ashraf al-Qidreh. “One hundred additional patients will be evacuated during the night and then redistributed to various hospitals in the south.”



Israeli army says it has found weapons factory in mosque in Gaza

In the basement of a mosque in the Gaza Strip the Israeli army says it has one weapons depot and production site for rockets of the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas. According to the military, soldiers also have the Entrance of a tunnel found it.

The army published a video showing rockets, mortar shells, parts and the tunnel shaft in the basement of a building.

The Israeli claim cannot be independently verified.

The military also said that a weapons factory of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip has been destroyed. Soldiers are also said to have captured a Hamas command center in Gaza City.

LOOK. Previously, the Israeli army also shared images of a tunnel shaft at al-Shifa hospital


Israel reports new Hamas rocket attacks on Tel Aviv

The Israeli army has new rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Tel Aviv reported. There it was air raid siren to hear.

According to Israeli media, rocket fragments landed in Israel on Monday evening Holon, south of Tel Aviv. Hamas claimed responsibility.


Media: “Deal on release of seventy hostages imminent”

There is also one, according to Israeli media deal near on the release of several hostages in the Gaza Strip. It becomes a number seventy called hostages.

In return, Israel would receive some hundreds of Palestinian prisoners the Israeli channel Channel 13 reports. The deal is expected to be completed in the coming days.

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross has traveled to Qatar to meet with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh “to move forward on humanitarian issues related to the armed conflict.” According to the Red Cross, consultations have also taken place with the Qatari authorities, who mediate between Hamas and Israel.

Protesters in front of UNICEF buildings in Tel Aviv with a photo of a child kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.
Protesters in front of UNICEF buildings in Tel Aviv with a photo of a child kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.


Biden is counting on a quick agreement for the release of hostages

US President Joe Biden is counting on a quick agreement on the liberation of many hostages in the Gaza Strip. He said this after a question from journalists. Biden was asked whether an agreement on this matter is near. “I think so,” the president responded. Biden did say he cannot discuss it further. When the question was repeated, he responded with a clear Yes‘.

The US government had previously said that an agreement was near. Militants from Hamas and other groups had kidnapped about 240 hostages into the Gaza Strip in their October 7 attacks and massacres in Israel.

Also the spokesperson for the US National Security Council, John Kirbysaid he could not make much public. “We think we are getting closer to a solution“, he said at the White House. The US is working “hour by hour” on a solution, Kirby said.

Kirby did not comment on how many possible hostages would be involved in such a deal. “Of course, we want (…) above all to achieve the release of children and women, and of course also that of the Americans,” he said. According to Kirby it was best to zo few public statements as possible to do.

The president was asked the question during the traditional ceremony in which two turkeys are pardoned at the White House for the Thanksgiving feast.
The president was asked the question during the traditional ceremony in which two turkeys are pardoned at the White House for the Thanksgiving feast. © Photo News


More than 13,300 dead in Gaza Strip, says Hamas

The Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip, according to the government of the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas killed more than 13,300 people since the start of the war on October 7.

According to Hamas 5,600 children and 3,550 women died. There were also falls 31,000 injuredit sounds.


28 premature babies from Gaza hospital arrived in Egypt

In Egypt its Monday 28 premature babies arrived who had been evacuated from Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. They were able to leave Gaza via the Rafah border crossing, the WHO confirmed. Three other babies are still receiving care at another hospital in the south of the Gaza Strip.

In the Al Shifa hospital, which was under fire for days by the Israeli army, there were dozens of premature babies who needed urgent care because the power had gone out in that hospital. Sunday saw the evacuation of 31 newborns from what the World Health Organization calls a “zone of death” described. Two of them died before they could leave the hospital.

According to the WHO camps all babies with severe infectionsbecause of a lack of medical help in the hospital. Several of the babies are in serious condition. Moreover, it became no babies accompanied by relatives: The Palestinian Ministry of Health was unable to trace any close relatives, the WHO said.