Linda de Mol is leaking more and more paragraphs from her long-awaited Voice column to generate maximum publicity for her magazine. Now she also plays the victim role on behalf of nephew Johnny.

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    It is unprecedented that after eight months Linda de Mol still does not realize that she does not arouse sympathy by going for the victim role as much as possible. The fallen TV queen gives the impression that she thinks the abuse scandal surrounding The Voice of Holland is especially bad for herself, and now she also takes on the role of victim on behalf of nephew Johnny.

    Linda supports Johnny

    Johnny de Mol is accused by his ex-girlfriend Shima Kaes of aggravated assault and attempted murder. Hair leaked declaration was so intense that celebrities like Emma Wortelboer no longer even wanted to join Johnny in the talk show HLF8. Not much later, he was forced to disappear from television for the time being.

    It’s terrible for Johnny, Linda thinks. “With Johnny I was able to see with pain in my heart what it does to a family if, in the long time it takes before the Public Prosecution Service does or does not pick up something, you are literally taken hostage because the other party really plays everything through the media. and, because our legal system is heavily overloaded, you have to wait endlessly until you can finally tell your story.”

    A remarkable accusation, since Johnny has fully used his media power to play the public. Columnist Jan Dijkgraaf rather cynically: “That is indeed not a trial by media. Not at all. Are you crazy. The opposing team is just starting a media offensive!”.

    Will she quit television?

    Linda struggles with the fact that “anonymous accusations can just lead to a complete cancellation and false accusations can destroy someone completely.” Incidentally, the abuse riot around The Voice of Holland started with the same anonymous accusations. After all, many victims are afraid to go public by name.

    According to Linda, her family receives so much hatred on social media that she is considering giving up. “I’m really not sure, how much I love my job and how much it’s my only grip at the moment, if I won’t end up being happier if I start doing something completely different with my life.”

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    The fact that Linda talks so much about her own position and that of her family members in her column is angering critics. They find that she reacts very inwardly. According to RTL Boulevard, she remains very much in the victim role.

    Tomorrow the new LINDA will appear. containing Linda’s entire column. It is the intention that people then flock to the store to save the circulation of her magazine. Or, as GeenStijl calls it: “This is a business model for Linda.”


    The fierce criticism of RTL Boulevard: