Linda de Mol is accused of a cunning plan by columnist Jan Dijkgraaf. He states that the fallen TV queen deliberately chose to pamper Eva Jinek with a glamor shoot.

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    According to Jan Dijkgraaf, it is anything but a coincidence that Eva Jinek was featured in the magazine LINDA last month. stood with a very extensive glamor shoot. Linda de Mol is just trying to pamper her, the columnist says in the podcast Nasty Boys. He expects the fallen TV queen to have her eye on Eva for her inevitable TV interview.

    TV interview

    Linda has never been questioned by an independent party about her role in the Voice scandal, but that situation is of course not tenable. It is obvious that there will be a big interview sooner or later, but she has to choose the right interviewer for it. An interviewer who has no ties with Linda or Talpa.

    It seems that Linda intends to award the interview to Eva, says Jan. “They are also very smart, aren’t they, because Linda is now under fire and then you first have LINDA.219, in which she had that six-page preface in which she told everyone who was no good, from Rob Goossens to Angela de Jong, but what are they doing in number 220?”

    Pamper Eva

    That is the edition in which Eva was completely pampered. “Everyone then shouted: ‘Linda, it’s nice to hear such a column in your own magazine, but you really have to let yourself be interviewed by someone who is critical and credible.’ And what is in number 220? A report on all talk show hosts in the Netherlands.”

    He continues: “If Eva Jinek is in your magazine, big and with beautiful photography, in number 220, and you say in about three months: ‘Well, Eva, you can do the big Linda de Mol interview’, then you think Don’t you think that Eva Jinek goes for it hard? Like she does with a football fan who is disturbed, but not with the great Linda de Mol by then.”

    ‘Very cleverly thought out’

    Fellow columnist Ebru Umar thinks that Eva wants to be part of the LINDA. club. “People are standing in the LINDA. because they want to belong, because they want to belong to the congratulatory service.”

    Jan: “Yes, but Linda doesn’t think of it either: readers would like talk show hosts in our magazine. No, Linda thinks: how do they pack those people? They do that very well. It is very cleverly thought out.”

    Marielle Tweebeeke

    In any case, the timing would be right, because Eva will return to the screen in January – about three months after that glamor shoot. Earlier, Luuk Ikink also questioned Eva as a possible interviewer for Linda, also because of that glamor shoot.

    Another option mentioned is Tim Hofman, but he is not really the right person to lecture others about transgressive behavior at the moment because of the DWDD scandal. Mariëlle Tweebeeke is a good option, Angela de Jong recently said.

    Glamor shoot

    Eva’s glamor shoot in the LINDA.: