Amy Robach and TJ Holmes host a news show called GM3. PDO

    The duo anchoring the US daily news program GMA3 Amy Robach49, and TJ Holmes, 45, have been in the middle of strong relationship rumors. The romance between the popular duo was widely reported behind closed doors on Wednesday, when they were spotted in close quarters.

    Both Robach and Holmes shut down their Instagram accounts as soon as the relationship rumors really started to spread.

    However, the rumored couple managed to play around with the situation at the beginning of Friday’s broadcast.

    – It’s a shame that it’s already Friday. It’s been a great week. I’d like it to just go on and on, Holmes says sarcastically.

    – Just speak for yourself, I’m very excited about the weekend myself, Robach replies with a laugh to his partner.

    Both Robach and Holmes shut down their Instagram accounts after the relationship rumors started. PDO

    Despite the jokes, the two have not officially commented on their situation. According to rumors, they have been seeing each other since March.

    A source told Page Six that the couple is not ashamed of their relationship, however.

    – They just ended up loving each other. This was not the way they wanted to publicize their relationship, but in a way it is also a relief, the source says.

    Another source reveals that Robach is finalizing a divorce from his former partner, From Andrew Shue. Robach and Shue married in January 2010. Just two months before Holmes and his former partner Marilee Fiebig went crazy.

    According to the source, Fiebig is very surprised by the relationship between the two anchors.

    – He is completely broken, he had no idea about this. They haven’t been together for a while, but they tried to work things out together.

    Source: TMZ