Levi’s follows in the footsteps of Albert Einstein

Levi’s launches a women’s leather jacket based on the American brand’s model worn by Albert Einstein.

The “Albert Einstein Menlo Cossack Jacket,” which Levi’s Vintage Clothing reimagined for men in 2018, is now being relaunched for women, the brand announced on Wednesday. This “feminine Einstein jacket” costs 1,449.90 euros. The jacket is made from sheepskin and features details such as rounded collar and cuffs, slanted welt pockets, cinch straps and brass buckles.

Levi’s Albert Einstein women’s leather jacket. Photo: Levi’s

The scientist wore the original jacket in the mid-’30s and was even photographed with it on the cover of Time magazine.

About Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Levi’s Vintage Clothing is a line from the American brand Levi’s that has focused on reviving the brand’s vintage pieces with a focus on workwear. For the reissues, the team has access to an archive at its San Francisco headquarters that includes 20,000 items of clothing and artifacts dating back to 1873.