The president of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), Carlos Lemes was not bluffing. In the plenary session of the body scheduled for next Thursday, the 29th, he will give an account of a technical report that he commissioned a few days ago on his possible replacement, which concludes that, in accordance with the Organic Law of the Judiciary, it would correspond to the current president of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court, Francisco Marín Castán.

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    With this, the operational continuity of this body would be ensured, which at no time would cease to function despite the evident repercussion that its decision not to continue would have, a possibility that he advanced on the occasion of his official speech before King Felipe VI at the opening of the Judicial Year. The reason, the impossibility of the PSOE and the PP to reach an agreement to renew the governing body of the judges, which is a few months away from serving four years in office.

    A sector of the Council had been defending that, if the replacement took place, the law would force a bicephaly between the responsibilities of both bodies (Supreme and Council) and that the presidency of the latter should be held by the oldest member, who is Rafael Mozo, belonging to the progressive group. The conclusions of the report exclude this double substitution route.