Lauri Markkanen was injured again

Lauri Markkanen is sidelined due to injury.

Lauri Markkanen has been an important player for the Utah Jazz this season. AOP / USA TODAY Sports

Finnish basketball star Lauri Markkanen is injured, says the Utah Jazz on their Twitter account.

Markkanen has to be sidelined from the team’s activities due to a bruised left hand. Jazz did not say how long the Finn will be on the injured list.

Markkanen was on a big hit earlier this week when he poured in 40 points against the Portland Trail Blazers last Thursday night Finnish time. Markkanen also grabbed 12 rebounds and served three assists.

NBA reporter Tony Jones told in connection with the match on Twitter that Markkanen’s left wrist took a hit. According to Jones, the Finn stretched it in the middle of the game, but the x-ray showed no fractures.

The Finn returned to that match, as he had been sidelined from the previous game due to back problems. Utah lost to Portland 115-127.

With the loss, Utah fell to 11th place, that is, out of the playoff spot and is currently in 12th place.

The Utah Jazz next continue their season on the night between Friday and Saturday when they face the Milwaukee Bucks.