National player Laura Freigang would like to see more professional conditions for women’s football in Germany based on the example of the host country England, instead of a salary in the millions.

    “You can really start in many areas, for example with the training conditions. In England, for example, the clubs in the first division are obliged to have a women’s team,” said the 24-year-old striker from Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt in an interview with Playboy magazine.

    Much more is done and advertised for women’s football in the media in England than in Germany. “To be seen, you need a stage,” said Freigang, adding: “I just hope that we get a chance and that professional structures emerge.”

    This does not necessarily have to mean higher salaries. “I wouldn’t want to earn millions, to be honest. That’s not what we primarily want,” emphasized Freigang, who was with the DFB selection at the EM from July 6th to 31st in England after the ninth title grabs.

    Rather, it is desirable that larger sums are invested in the development of the sport. “If you look at the men’s transfer fees and see how much money it takes to finance a women’s team, it’s really peanuts,” said the Eintracht striker and appealed to the professional clubs: “Sure, it’s about money, but I do I think one should ask oneself: Do we live exclusively capitalistically and only promote what brings maximum financial success, or are we also concerned with society?”