Thirty-year-old Mark Trijsburg will make his debut in the ring of fighting association Glory this Saturday. “This is a dream come true. You have to be ready for that”, says a beaming Trijsburg.

    In Bonn, Germany, the Amstelvener will compete against Joilton Lutterbach. Trijsburg fought its way up in the past year. He has long been World Fighting League champion in the 77-kilo class.

    Still, he couldn’t believe his ears when fighting league Glory approached him for a fight. “When I got the call, I hardly told anyone. As a kind of superstition, I wanted to sign the contract first. Only then did I tell family and friends.”

    Pancake Contest

    Remarkably enough, Trijsburg is already thirty years old when he makes his debut. Trainer Danny de Vries therefore considers the upcoming match to be a crucial one. “During this match, it will be checked whether Mark is good enough for Glory. Depending on what you show, you will be presented with beautiful, new competitions. It is therefore better to lose in a battlefield this Saturday than to win in a pancake match.”

    A year ago, Trijsburg fought against at the Rings Gala in Beverwijk Jos van Belzen. He lost that match, but now the advance has started. The kickboxer believes in a happy ending and secretly dreams of more. “I don’t want to look too far ahead. I first have to win on Saturday, but in the longer term you want to become world champion of course. That’s the ultimate goal. Maybe I’ll be the oldest champion ever.”