S.and there are apps to find the person of life, there are also those that they try to help married couples save their marriage.

    It is well known that coexistence with a person for a long time is never easy. Too often everyday life and routine confront problems that leave little room for sharing and complicity.

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    Lasting, the app that saves weddings

    And then, without detracting from the value of the phrase “you should think about it for yourself”, a help to remember things like anniversary, birthday, to make a gift even without a recurrence, thanking her / him for something, can come in handy.

    Lasting is the name of the App, a sort of adviser always present who launches imperatives, like “It’s 5pm, tell her you love her», To be obeyed in order to make one’s other half feel loved.

    An alarm clock with good advice

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    An alarm clock with good advice

    The application is based on the so-called “emotional demands», Or affection, confirmations, attention, those parts that usually, when you have been a couple for several years, end up in oblivion.

    According to the creators of the app, in fact, the success and maintenance of a happy marriage it also depends on the ability to respond to such requests.

    Lasting, in love it is sometimes better to rely on technology

    The program, therefore, invites the affective diligence. And she does it through a tight plan of action. Which costs $ 350 a year and which provides, in addition to a program of virtual love advicea kit of “right” phrases to fuel love.

    After all, what harm is there to rely on technology even in matters of love. True, one might say and spontaneity? And the overwhelming momentum? What is the point if to remember to say I love you you need to write it down in your diary? Then we might as well let it go.

    But another, more positive view could instead consider that the will to want to do it, because marriage and the couple are considered important, is already in itself an important recognition of that love.