08/06/2022 at 06:30


    On the anniversary of Messi’s goodbye, Barça presented Lewandowski. Coincidence or not, the truth is that the signing of the Polish striker has caused the Catalans to recover the illusion lost with the painful departure of the Argentine crack. Yesterday, as Laporta said, was a historic day. More than 57,000 fans gathered at the Camp Nou to give a star welcome to the incorporation that has generated the most enthusiasm. Barcelona had been without references for a year and Lewandowski has been exalted as the new Blaugrana hero. Even before the official competition begins. And it is that the passion that we saw in the stadium is the same that is palpable in the street. Everyone (well, almost everyone, because the disinherited of ‘bartorosellismo’ continue to question the project) sees that a champion team is being built. And that Xavi is the perfect leader to lead this squad to titles. It is not surprising that the president was euphoric, almost unleashed, because he is doing a great job for himself.

    It has not been an easy year for Laporta and his directors. The transformation of the club has cost much more than they expected. And the activation of the levers (it will take a fourth to register all the signings) has been the salvation. It is not the best solution, but it is the only viable one to clean up the entity. Laporta is an uninhibited culé, without nuances. No one, absolutely no one, can question his love for Barça. And no one can deny evidence either: it has restored the pride of members and fans. Some will question his methods. And criticize their decisions. But Laporta has worked an unthinkable miracle on August 5, 2021, when the club announced that Messi could not continue due to “economic and structural obstacles & rdquor ;. A miracle that has allowed to bring the best scorer in the world.

    Lewandowski was amazed by the atmosphere at the Camp Nou. If this is a simple introduction, what will a match be like, he thought. Logical. The Pole knows that the importance of everything he achieves at Barça will be multiplied by infinity. If he is in the Blaugrana club it is because he has insisted on being. At almost 34 years old, he is a major challenge that demonstrates his ambition. He could have easily stayed at Bayern, living on income, but he has preferred the risky gamble of helping to create a champion team almost from scratch. For that alone he deserves our praise.