After the rumors about a Black Panther open world, here is a second Marvel-themed project that is now in development at EA.

    EA would be plunging headlong into the world of superhero video games, conceivably to flesh out its lineup of single-player titles. According to a new rumor, there would be a new project focused about Iron Man in the pipeline at the house, among others, of FIFA 23. It would be the second Marvel-themed game in development at the Californian giant, after the already rumored one of Black Panther.

    Not one, two Marvel games for EA? –

    “They are doing another Marvel game, which is single-player“Unveiled Jeff Grubb, an always very knowledgeable American journalist, talking about the single player products under development at EA. The publisher has made some very controversial observations on the subject in recent weeks but, nevertheless, the single-player titles currently in production in its internal teams would not be at all few: there would even be a spin-off of Apex Legends, in addition to the already announced sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

    It would be Iron Man –

    If Grubb did not elaborate on what could be this “Marvel game” in development at an EA studio, another insider, Tom Henderson, has unbuttoned, while asking to catalog the indiscretion under the heading of “rumors”. “I’ve heard some rumors that it would be Iron Man,” he specified, “but I’ve never had anything concrete to fully report.” Iron Man has already received a virtual reality video game for PlayStation VR, developed by Camouflaj and published by Sony for PS4, but a single-player adventure with all the trappings has never touched intellectual property before. As mentioned, it would be the second superhero game for Electronic Arts, which in fact would occupy a slice of the market taken and perhaps abandoned by Square Enix after the commercial flops of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The first would be an open world Black Panther created by the new team of the former studio head of Monolith, the software house recently known for Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.

    04 August 2022 – 18:02