Lamar Jackson extended contract with the Baltimore Ravens

While the entire NFL is waiting for the draft to start shortly, negotiations between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were in full swing in the background. The two parties have now agreed on a contract extension.

This was initially reported by NFL insider Ian Rapoport, among others. The official confirmation from Baltimore followed a little later. According to the Ravens, they have “fundamentally agreed on a five-year contract extension” with their playmaker.

His signature makes Lamar Jackson the highest-paid player in NFL history for the year. The quarterback can earn $260 million over the next five years, with $185 million guaranteed. Jackson overtakes Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who recently also renewed for five years, but will earn “only” $ 255 million.

Tough negotiations ended with the agreement. Jackson and Baltimore have been trying to agree on an extension for a year. So far, this had not been successful and so the Ravens even awarded Jackson the non-exclusive Franchise Tag at the beginning of March.

This allowed the quarterback to negotiate with other teams, but the Ravens could have followed suit at any time if there was an offer.

Jackson already requested a trade

At the end of March, cracks between the two parties seemed to widen. Jackson demanded a trade and publicly criticized his team. “The Ravens have no interest in contracting my value, so I requested a trade,” Jackson tweeted, officially announcing for the first time that he wanted to leave the Baltimore franchise.

Jackson was selected 32nd by the Ravens in 2018 and breathed new life into the offense of the 2013 Superbowl winner. In 2020, the quarterback was voted NFL MVP.

In the coming season, Jackson has a new play station at his side in Odell Beckham Jr. The superstar receiver even addressed his new quarterback directly at his first press conference in Baltimore: “Lamar, if you’re watching: I would love to work with you,” the 30-year-old said to Jackson.