Kristiina Komulainen gets to use her police training.

    Kristiina Komulainen returns to TV today. It takes place within the framework of the third production season of the Take the Money and Run competition. Komulainen is one of those interrogation and investigation professionals who try to find carefully hidden wallets.

    In each episode, one well-known couple has one hour to hide a briefcase containing 10,000 euros. The searchers, on the other hand, have 30 hours to locate it. If they fail to do so, the money remains with the hiders. To help the hiders, they have a getaway car, a phone and a hundred-euro escape fund.

    Kristiina Komulainen is a master when it comes to making TV, even though there has been a bit of a break now. Pete Anikari

    In the opening episode, rap artists try to harass the searchers Brady and Tuomas Kauhanen. When the class is full, Kristiina Komulainen and Mikko Raula pick them up at their hotels. Raula has a long experience of working in the customs service. Komunainen, on the other hand, has a police background.

    – I have worked at the Helsinki Police Department in a preventive function regarding honor-related violence, Komulainen says in the program.

    Mikko Raula, Kristiina Komulainen, Kari Laari and Ari Huhtinen try to trace the money briefcase. MTV3

    Kristiina Komulainen left her position as a senior constable last year and currently works as an entrepreneur, both as a mediator and as a trainer.

    In the Take the Money and Run series, Komulainen is able to use what he learned from the police academy.

    – My own competitive and predatory drive starts, Komulainen describes his state of mind when the hunt is about to start.

    Komulainen has previously been seen in, among others, the Iholla series, The Voice of Finland, Kuorosoda and Unelmakodi. He jumped to TV from the radio waves, where he has also worked as a program manager.

    Kristiina Komulainen is remembered, among other things, as the host of Kuorosoda. JARNO JUTI

    Take the money and run today on MTV3 at 20:00 & in Katsomo. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.