Kortrijk gives ‘Velo advantage’ to cyclists: discounts and prices for those who cycle

    With Vélovoordeel, Kortrijk is introducing technology that is a first in our country: Swave. “We developed this technology at the request of the city of Kortrijk,” says Jencey Provoost of Swave. “The system is easy and encourages cycling as well as local merchants. In addition, secondary schools and universities can steer their students in the right direction and reward them for it.”

    Cyclists and traders rewarded

    The concept is simple: anyone who cycles to the center of the city and spends money in one of the participating businesses will now receive free drinks and discounts. In this way, the city wants to stimulate cycling and the local economy at the same time. Participants install an app on their smartphone, and are automatically notified of benefits when they drive through the city. It often concerns discounts at dealers, or free drinks and prices from the city. Sixty traders are already participating, says Kortrijk.

    The participating merchants also see the VéloVdeel as a win-win: “Many people come to Kortrijk by bicycle,” says Hendriek Laloo of Ribs ‘n Beer. “Thanks to the VéloVdeel, we can attract these people and get them acquainted with our concept through an advantageous promotion.”